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Yoga is a life style. CLASSES for all levels available. 
For BalaVikas, please visit the S.E.R.V.E page

Class Details and Registration Information             

Tuesday:      Meditation and Chanting: 6.15 - 7.15 pm,Call Shanthi for more information

Tuesday:      Yoga for health, all levels: 10 - 11am               .
Wednesday: Yoga for health, all levels: 6-7pm, 7-8pm        
Thursday:     Yoga for health, all levels: 6 - 7pm                 
                      Yoga for Power: 7 - 8pm

Saturday:     Yoga for health: 8 - 9am., 9 - 10am    

Location, Session and and How to Sign Up

Old Meadows Center 1600 Marview Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360     Tuesday, Wednesday

Cameron Center, Green Meadow drive, Thousand Oaks, CA    Thursday

For class information and registration, call 805-381-2793 . 
You may also register online at http://www.crpd.org    Classes are listed under the title 'Yoga with Shanthi'

Bodysattva, 1414 Thousand oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360                                                                                                  
For class information and registration, call Shanthi at 805-657-8861 or e-mail yogashanthi@aol.com

Class Description

Start or end a day with a complete practice. We will practice sun salutations, we will learn and practice simple pranayama techniques, we will focus on guided meditation. All in all, this practice helps you start your day with energy, feel the power of your inner strength and maintain balance in all you do. You begin to feel stronger from the inside to the outside.
Bring a mat, towel and your positive energy.